Gohan Quiz: Intro. (for girls)

This is a Gohan quiz. YAY! I love this man, and I'm pretty sure you do too(((~*Why would you be checking this out if you didn't?~*)). My quizzes aren't going to be the best you've taken because I am typing them at school during my free time. But I think you'll enjoy them anyway.^-^(((~*please excuse the crappy titles. they'll continue to be crappy until I figure out somthing better*~))) ENJOY!

Created by HumanisticMisanthrope on 05/07/2008

Take the Gohan Quiz: Intro. (for girls) quiz.

Ok, your parents died when you were 6 years old because of an earthquake. Piccolo found you and decided to raise you because he felt guilty. (((~*Yes, the almighty green man felt guilty. You don't know this, but he was the one who had caused the earthquake

This quiz, however, will begin when you are going to school. The same school as Gohan! Orange Star High School! You're fifteen years old and Gohan's sixteen. You have NEVER met him before because Piccolo kept you secret from everyone except Bulma, Dende, a

In this quiz, you are half saiyan. Your parents names were MoMo(your human mother) and Oniun(your Saiyan father)(((~* Yes its Peach and Onion, I was watching the movie <i>Holes</i> and I think their combination is interesting.*~))). As you go through this

If you people like the idea of this quiz rate high and I will try to continue it as quickly as possible. Will you rate high?

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