What fictional character are you?

Are you Jack Bauer, Solid Snake, Gandalf, or more? Answer these 20 questions and find out.

Created by Kolek on 05/14/2008

Take the What fictional character are you? quiz.

To which of the following are you most loyal? For who would you do the most to save?

Combat situation: How would you dispatch an enemy if given the choice? All choices will work.

If you were a leader, what symbol would you use?

Your enemies are hiding in a hospital and the only way to get them is to destroy the hospital. Otherwise, they will escape and continue attacks on your forces.

A state secedes on an issue you agree with them about. The federal govt. threatens invasion.

YOUR state secedes on an issue you disagree with them about. The federal govt. threatens invasion.

What kind of close combat fighter would you be if you had the choice?

What is your weapon of choice in a conversation? (be honest)

What describes your personality best?

What would you say to a confused criminal you arrested?

This was inevitable. What's you're favorite videogame weapon?

If you had MJOLNR armor, what color would you be? (The armor is that of Master Chief from Halo)

If your right hand man said "But to win this war we'll need thousands..." You would say:

How would you lead an army?

How would you want to look just for a day?

When you get old(er), how would you title your memoirs based on your future accomplishments?

How would you take out a large enemy fleet? Your fleet is half the enemy's strength.

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