What kind of guardian angel do you have and whats their story?

Ok, this will tell what kind of guardian angel you have/should have, and their life story, and why their your guardian angel. Please rate and message me on what you thought because it took a long time to make. Myspace Layouts by Pimp-My-Profile.com

Created by DragonGuitarest on 05/14/2008

Take the What kind of guardian angel do you have and whats their story? quiz.

Will you please read the memo before you start the quiz???

Lets start with some RP. You're walking somewhere. Where are you going, whos with you, do you want to go there, and do you like the people your walking with?

You are sitting in your room, drawing. What are you drawing?

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

Choose a flavor of ice cream!

What do you fear?

I know, I know, this was short. You may think that because I said I spent alot of time on it that it would be long, but I didn't want to bore you. And I <i><u>did</i></u> spend alot of time on it with finding pictures, writing the results, picking out a la

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