What mental illness do you suffer from? (Pictures in results)

Please do not take this quiz seriously! I do NOT want to offend anyone, if I do, I am so sorry. But this is just a fun quiz, I put alot of time into it and I actually researched the illnesses, so I think they are pretty accurate, but this is a fun quiz that states what mental illness you are closest to suffering. Maybe not to the same extreme or intensity. Okay..memo done, sorry about that.

Created by living-in-fantasy on 05/14/2008

Take the What mental illness do you suffer from? (Pictures in results) quiz.

Be honest, out of the following, which have you done/thought before?

How do <b>you</b> <u>think</u> your friends would describe you?

You're hungry, realizing you haven't eaten all day, what do you do?

I've seriously wished I was dead and meant it with all my heart.

Sometimes, I feel really creative and hyper, like I can do anything in the world. My self-esteem is really high and I have so much energy that I usually don't sleep. But then, suddenly I can't even get out of bed, I'm just so tired, and fell like the life

Currently, I'm trying to...

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