what's your Japanease name ( with beautiful anime pics)


Created by pinkystangel on 05/07/2008

Take the what's your Japanease name ( with beautiful anime pics) quiz.

i know you prbably want to punch the computer every time you see this, but what is you favorite color?

what is yor favorite season

the sun is out and it's abeautiful day, what would you do with your boyfriend/crush

if i gave you a bunch of popsticle sticks, some glue, and paint, what would you make

pick an animal you like

words words words(pick two or three)

what is your favorite flava of ice cream

if there was aline of hott guys, which out of the five would you pick

how might you describ yourself

if a monkey came flying out of the sky you would

if someone said that you were ugly what would you do(me: don't worry, your not ugly)

now this Question is crazy, not like the other ones weren't, but Where did you get that picture frame?

What do you like to do on a rainy day

Will You Rate My Quiz? Please(me: eyes are big and watery)

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