What does the HP world think of YOU? (Long Results)

In the results, depending on the results you get, you will get either a)What they think about you b)What they say about you Got it? Good!

Created by kayla30000 on 05/14/2008

Take the What does the HP world think of YOU? (Long Results) quiz.

What would be your job be in the muggle world?

Finish this sentence: I would describe my ideal future spouse as someone who is...

Would Snape like you?

If you could have ANYONE expelled because of their looks, who would it be?

What would your mother PROBABLY be like?

Pick a random object that appeals to you

How smart are you?

A little RP: You are in detention with Snape when he reaches over and touches your thigh...what do you do?

Whatever your answer, Lucius Malfoy suddenly bursts in the room and sees Snape's hand on your thigh. What does he do/say?

If you were a shoe, what would you be?

But seriously, if Lucius hadn't walked in, how far would you have gone with Snape?

Suppose you and your arch nemesis get into a mono y mono fist fight. Who wins?

If Draco and/or his cronies tried to hex you, what would happen?

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