What vampire eye color are you?

VAMPIRE EYE COLORS!! It may ask some wierd questions,but be sure to answer truthfully or you wont have as much fun :( Important words are in BIG LETTERS/capitals :) ENJOY AND HAVE FUN!

Created by Shinodaluva on 05/14/2008

Take the What vampire eye color are you? quiz.

SO,what gemstone/metal do you choose? ONLY ONE.

What vampire name did you get on my quiz?If you didn't take it you can do it now or you can randomly choose one-but its funner if you take it :)

How would you describe yourself as one of these?(sorry that was worded weird)

What one word describes you best overall as a person?

What word/trait(s) describes how GOOD you are?

What word/trait(s) describes how BAD you are?

What color(s) describes your PERSONALITY? NOT YOUR FAVORITE COLOR(s)!!!!

What tree(yes,tree) do you most like INSTICTIVLEY? This means which one you are attracted to for seemingly no reason,be it color,size,shape,leaves,etc.

What fish(es) describes you?

What eye color do you have NATURALLY?

THE FUN PART!! What colors do you want to get? CHOOSE 2!

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