Your Future Life!!!!!!!!!!(hint: Im a fortune teller :P)3

HI I am a fortune teller! I will read your fortune, plz answer the following questions and your resluts will appear before your eyes!!!! lol *plz read fine print *these are just made up results by mwah and my cousin, maybe they will come true who knows??..............onto quiz

Created by dreamer4eva9 on 05/07/2008

Take the Your Future Life!!!!!!!!!!(hint: Im a fortune teller :P)3 quiz.

Whats your favorite color???(DONT RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Where is your dream vacation?

Can you stand hang out/playing with younger kids around you?

What is your absolute favorite flower?

What kind of house do you wish you lived in?

srry this was kind of short hope u dont mind!

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