.:~~::How much do you like your Crush?::~~:. PIXS!

Her's a quiz to se if your in love with your crush, obsessed with him, Idoliz him, Hate him, or if you just "like" him. (this quiz is only for girls, who DON'T hav a boyfriend.)

Created by sealedsecrets on 05/14/2008

Take the .:~~::How much do you like your Crush?::~~:. PIXS! quiz.

This is stupid but Do you KNOW his FULL name? Right down to what his middle initial is and what it is?

Say your crush is in your class and he drops a pencil, The bell rings, and your left alone in class, what do you do?

You and your crush are in the hallway walking towards each other, Out of nowhere he says hi *your name* what is your reaction.

Oh no you look up and a girl is flirting with him! What do you do?

Your in health, today's topic peranting, the teacher hands you an egg and ask you to pull a name out off the hat, guess what? it's *your crush's name* What do you do?

Last Question. How often do you think about him?

Thanks for taking this quiz! On to the results!!!! oh And plz Rate ^_^

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