What do your facial attributes reveal about your personality?

Please note I did not just make up these answers. They are based on physiognomy (face reading), but please note that they cannot be 100% accurate. I would like to point out that these results will be much more accurate if you have a mirror handy during these questions. Also, please base your answers off of the way your face looks when not making any kind of expression, and with any hair OUT OF YOUR FACE.

Created by wolfxxxsong on 05/14/2008

Take the What do your facial attributes reveal about your personality? quiz.

Please read the memo before beginning. Alright, to start off, what is the shape of your face?

Are your eyes set close together?

Do you have full lips?

When you are <b>not</b> smiling, do your lips naturally turn up, or down?

Do you have deep-set eyes?

Do your ears stick out?

Are your ear lobes attached to your head?

Do you have a wide nose?

Is there a space between your two front teeth?

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