Naruto: Whose your akatsuki man -- Deidara or Itachi? (for girls)

:D All right, sometimes I find it difficult to choose between my two favorite akatsuki members. I mean I've loved Itachi longer, but Deidara probably wouldn't annihilate me as quickly as Itachi would. So here's the question, who would YOU have a better chance with? (note: i made this quiz with just the random questions which popped in my head :D )

Created by redakatsuki on 05/14/2008

Take the Naruto: Whose your akatsuki man -- Deidara or Itachi? (for girls) quiz.

(Appearance Question 1.) so, if you were to create a OC/CC, what would your hair color be?

(Appearance Question 2.) My character's eye color is [...your eye color].

(Appearance Question 3.) Oc's height...?

Scenario: in your village (or in hiding, if you're missing-nin), someone knocks at your front door. As you peer out your window, you instantly recognize the infamous cloak of black and red clouds. Still peering through a crack in the kitchen curtains, the

Scenario [ 2.]: regardless if you hid or not, Uchiha Itachi and Deidara of Akatsuki are before you. Deidara expresses that you are requested in the presence of Akatsuki. Will you go quietly?

Scenario [ 3.]: If you went along quietly, well good for you. But if you put up some resistance, the consequences are less than friendly. Instantly upon hesitation Itachi grabs at your wrist. The Uchiha's vice grip is painful, even more so as he drags you

Scenario [ 4.]: Now on Deidara's bird masterpiece, Itachi goes quiet and makes sure you sit far away from him. As you sit there, Itachi states something to you about what amazing shinobi type resistance you gave. Slapping him and all was just amazing (sarc

Now out of these female singers, pick which one you think could best represent you.

If you were a shinobi, which one of these Naruto female characters would you be most likely to attack and beat to a pulp?

Out of these male characters, who would you like to beat to a pulp if you had the chance?

( fav questions :D ) What are your favorite subjects in school?

Favorite Animal?

Favorite Types of Food?

What's your favorite stereotype styles? (meaning you could see yourself in...)

Favorite InuYasha character? (if you don't know about InuYasha, try your best)

(Finally...) where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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