Which Lion King Character Are YOU?

This is a quiz to see which character you are from the disney film, The Lion King! Have fun and be HONEST!

Created by broadwaylover4lyfe on 05/07/2008

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How did you handle your breakfast this morning?

It is the week of halloween. So many different things to do! You plan to go trick-or-treating until your old neighbor tells you about a spooky haunted house where the previous mayor used to live until he was murdered! The case was never solved, and the ho

Which word or words describes you the best?

Which of the following are you best at?

Your friend accidentally gets murdered, and you were in the area when it happened only you don't know who murdered your friend. Nobody was around. Right when you found your murdered friend, a stranger walks by and catches you at the crime scene. He threate

Which of the following descriptions of age/gender/personality fits you the best?

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