Which Rayman character are you? (Cool & cute pictures featured!)

Hello, and welcome to my Rayman character quiz. Answer these small (and often silly) questions to know who you are from Ubisoft's video game series, "Rayman". If you have some questions about this quiz or the Rayman universe, you can mail me at shettis94@hotmail.com. Thank you for taking this quiz! ^^ Disclaimer Rayman and all related characters are property of Ubisoft. This quiz is just a fan creation, it has not been produced with Ubisoft.

Created by Kuroichigo-chan on 05/13/2008

Take the Which Rayman character are you? (Cool & cute pictures featured!) quiz.

Do others describe you as a hero?

Scenario time! Well, we're now in a park. In the ground lies a can of plum juice. What do you do?

Another scenario... You're eating ice cream at the street cafe. Suddenly, your worst villain tumbles there and starts to scare people! What do you do?

Do you like plungers?

What is your worst fear?

Ratings & Messages welcome :) I hope you liked this short quiz. Now we can continue to your results!

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