are you a jealous girlfriend?


Created by lylithnightshade on 05/07/2008

Take the are you a jealous girlfriend? quiz.

when your guy tells you that he "can't hang out tonight" what do you immeadiately think?

you walk into the school library and find your guy sitting at a table with the most popular girl at school. they are laughing together. what do you do?

ok, so you're waiting outside the movie theatre. you and your guy were supposed to see the 10 o'clock showing of "The Ringer" cuz he wanted to see it. you check your watch and it's 10:32. your guy is usually always on time. what do you do?

ok, it's cliche but, what is your fav. color out of these?

your guy threw a party, you show up and find out he invited his ex. what do you do?

ok, so you go to this HUGE event, and your guy keeps staring at a girl modeling the new line by Calvin Klein. what do you think? are at school and you see your guy in the hall. you say his name, but he doesn't seem to notice you, what do you think?

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