Are you one of the Indigo Children(or adults)

Hey, have you heard the news... It is finally reached the mainstream by being on CNN and good morning america. It is a new craze, I guess you can call it, the emergence of the Indigo Children. If you are on at the end of the quiz I will tell you more.

Created by ultramoonie on 05/07/2008

Take the Are you one of the Indigo Children(or adults) quiz.

What year were you born?

Do you have vivid dreams?

Have you ever met people in your dreams before you met them in the physical world, or had a dream about a conversation going on between people later only to find out it really happened?

Do some of the dreams include a feeling of you slipping from your body... If this feeling startles you, do you feel like you crash back on the bed?

Do certain numbers stand out to you, such as running into the number 11 alot? (oh, look at the time it is 11:11...)

Do you have an issue with anger? (constantly feeling misunderstood, angry, not belonging in the world or even in your family).... if you an adult now, you may have a firm rememberence of this anger, not to be confused with teenage angst--- this is differen

Do you see colors around people's heads, (named auras)?

Can you feel the aura? (thus knowing when someone enters a room, or feeling if they are a good or bad person; ect...)

Do you seem to mess with electronic devices for no apparent reason? Examples are street lights going out when you walk under them or flickering, TVs going out or shocking you, computers mysteriously malfunction after you were on it, wristwatches refuse to

Before reaching adulthood did you come close to death, either because of medical reasons or because of an accident?

Do you see or hear angels, spirits, or feel a mysterious presence that you can't see or hear but feel?

Were you diagnosed with ADD or ADHD?

Do people seem to read your thoughts or vica versa? (me: I REALLY hate this one)

Cheak off all the following attrabutes of your physical apperance.

Check off all the psychological features of you or personality features of you...

Mark all the things you excel in.

Do you seem to have a fast thinking pattern or advanced thinking pattern that others have a hard time following?

As a child did you always demand respect or ask to be treated as a little adult rather than a child?

Do you believe in a theory called "Universal Consiousness". It is the theory that everyone and everything in the universe is interconnected. Everything is 'one', there is no good, no bad, everything is equal and everything just 'is'.

Ok, now for a personal question, I am sorry but I have to ask it... How's your sex life? Mark all that applies. Good news is that this is the last question.

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