Which Avenged Sevenfold Girlfriend are you most like?

The girlfriends of the guys in A7X are really the sweetest things! We have Michelle & Valary DiBenedetto, twin sisters and girlfriends of Synyster Gates and M.Shadows! Then there's the lovely Gena Paulhus, Zacky Vengeance's love. Johnny Christ is with super cool Lacey Franklin, and of course the Reverend is taken by the gorgeous Leana Silver! So which girlfriend are you most like?? And of course your answer will tell you which A7X boy you're most suited to, won't it?? Have fun! Xx

Created by lozbloz on 05/14/2008

Take the Which Avenged Sevenfold Girlfriend are you most like? quiz.

So, let's start off. Tell me what your reputation is?

What jobs interests you the most?

How would you describe your appearance?

What is your fashion style?

Where do you stand in your relationships?

Final question!! ps. dont forget to rate when you get your answers! Ok, What is your outlook on life??

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