Should You Smoke Weed?

Created by slugguts on 05/14/2008

Take the Should You Smoke Weed? quiz.

Have You Ever Smoked a Ciggerette before? If so, what was the effect of the last ciggerette you smoked?

Describe a typical dream that you experiance. (Choose the best answer)

Which of these video games do you like/think you would like/ the most?

On a scale of 1 - 5, how adventerous would you rate yourself?

Do any of these things ever frighten you: Ghosts, noises in the dark, police, monkeys, magic tricks, horror films.

You Are Driving On The Freeway. The Speed Limit Is 65. There are only a few other cars on the freeway. What speed do you drive?

Has a movie or something you have seen or heard given you a nightmare or kept you scared after it happend EVER?

If a man you have never seen before walked in your front door (in broad daylight) without knocking, what would your reaction be?

Which of these sounds the worst to you?

When Hanging Out With Friends, What Is Your Favorite Activity?

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