What is your mental age?

This whole quiz is an RP. That means, you put yourself in these situations and answer truthfully. I did this cuz I have WAYYY too much time on my hands. Please rate high or message!

Created by Xo.brunettebebe.oX on 05/14/2008

Take the What is your mental age? quiz.

You are at home, and you're thirsty. You open up the fridge and grab ________, your favorite drink.

You finish your drink and decide to go on the computer. Without thinking, you automaticly type in www._________.com

After you get off the internet, you decide to log on to AOL. You type in your screen name. Your password is _______.

You log on, and decide to IM your best friend. You type "________________________" as a greeting.

You hit enter. ________ plays as you do so.

After talking to your friend, you sign off. What the background on your computer.

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