Which Stargate Character Are You? (Now with pictures)

Created by laytoncolt on 05/07/2008

Take the Which Stargate Character Are You? (Now with pictures) quiz.

You were using a public water fountain and it malfunctioned, soaking your shirt. Now you see your friend about to get a drink, what do you do?

Your best friend asks you for advice on dating, what do you tell them?

You wake up feeling restless and down, you really do not want to go to work, what do you do?

You are standing in line to get tickets to a new movie. You really want to see it but there are tons of people in front of you and it has just begun to rain, what do you do?

You just started reading a great book when your friend calls you and asks you to come to a party. What do you do?

You are a guest at you friends house and you use the bathroom. When you flush the toilet, the water starts to come back up! What do you do?

You are sharing a pizza with a friend, there is only one piece left and you both want it, what do you do?

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