What Do the Fruits Basket Characters Think of You? (Story included!)

Well... looking back at my quizzes, I have noticed I have not made a single Fruits Basket Quiz, and my username is devoted to that wonderful manga... ;-; Forgive me Takaya-sensei! Oh, and I have read up to volume... 15 of the story. I think volume 16 came out, I saw it on my bookstore website... or not... So... I might've missed an important event in that volume, if it is even out. Oh well.

Created by FurubaTohru on 05/14/2008

Take the What Do the Fruits Basket Characters Think of You? (Story included!) quiz.

First question. ^-^ I'm sorry, but what's your favorite colour? I don't really know why people hate this question...

While walking around the streets of Japan (I...think that's where they live...) you bump into... um... ur, -grabs nearest Furuba person- Yuki! ^.^; What do you do?

Answer 1: Oow... w-who are you...? Answer 2: -smile- No, not at all miss... um, may I ask what your name is? Answer 3: Thank you. Might I ask what your name is? Answer 4: -small smile- Thank... you... Might I ask what your name is miss? So whatever yo

Yuki waved goodbye and walked on. Farewell! And now, you're stuck with me... um, what is your personality...? Ur, no, that's not a very good question, now is it? Then um... how do you feel... about cats?

Urm... what other anime/manga other than Fruits Basket do you like?

You're getting a... gift for somebody... for his/her birthday. What would you give them?

I'm running out of questions... um, if you could spray yourself with any kind of perfume, what would it... be? Ah, that's a bad question... oh well. ^-^;

Uh, um... what would be your element, if you could chose one? This is the last question, so you can see your result after this...

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