Are you codependent?

Codependency: Of or relating to a relationship in which one person is psychologically dependent in an unhealthy way on someone who is addicted to a drug or self-destructive behavior, such as chronic gambling. ~American Heritage Dictionary

Created by Darkdustgurl on 05/14/2008

Take the Are you codependent? quiz.

Do you feel forced to help someone solve a problem they have?

After giving someone help, do you feel angry when your efforts don't help at all?

Do you find yourself saying "Yes" when you actually mean "No"?

Do you feel safest and most secure when giving?

When someone gives you something, do you feel guilty and insecure?

Do you feel empty or bored, even worthless when you don't have a problem to fix?

Do you feel unappreciated or used?

Do you fear rejection?

Do you reject any praise or compliments?

Do you feel useless or depressed when you don't receive any praise or compliments?

Do you ever feel guilty when you do something for yourself?

Are you indecisive (Have trouble making decisions)?

Are you afraid of making mistakes?

Do you believe you're not good enough?

Are you ashamed of who you are?

Do you blame yourself for most everything?

Do you get feelings of self-worth from helping others?

Do you believe that you don't deserve happiness or good things?

Do you wish that people would like you? Love you?

Do you believe that no one could possibly like or love you?

Do you settle for just being needed?

Are you afraid to be who you are?

Do you take care of others more than you take care of yourself?

Do you come from or are you living in a troubled or dysfunctional home?

If you have/had a dysfunctional family, do you deny that your family was troubled?

Do you try pretend that things aren't as bad as they really are?

Do you keep yourself busy so you won't have to think about things?

Do you lie to yourself?

Do you tolerate abuse (in any form) in order to keep someone loving you?

Do you take yourself seriously?

Do you try to say what you think will please others?

Do you trust yourself, your feelings, or your decisions?

Do you trust others?

Do you apologize for bothering people?

Do you believe that what you have to say is unimportant?

Do you avoid talking about yourself, your problems, or your feelings?

Do you laugh when you feel like crying?

Are you very controlling of people or events?

Are you afraid of other peoples anger?

Are you afraid of your own anger?

Do you sacrifice your happiness for others?

Do you lie to protect a problem?

Do you not find help for yourself because you feel that your problem isn't bad enough or that it's not important enough?

Do you have a family member who is abusing drugs or alcohol or have a major psychological problem?

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