What type of woman are you attracted to? [Detailed Results \ Pics]

This is the companion quiz to my "What type of man are you attracted to?" quiz. Obviously guys and gay girls would like to take this test, but if you are a straight girl and you're curious you can see what type of girl you'd be attracted to. Hehe. Anyway, on with the quiz.

Created by LadyTigerEyes on 05/11/2008

Take the What type of woman are you attracted to? [Detailed Results \ Pics] quiz.

1. Which qualities do you prize? Select up to 3 only.

2. Your perfect woman is like...

3. If you absolutely had to pick, which of these faults would you be willing to forgive?

4. Now that we've covered personality, let's go on to looks. Describe your perfect woman's hair (or the closest thing to it).

5. What about her eyes?

6. Last question, what's her body type?

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