Are YOU suicidal? happy? depressed? or lonely?!!! I(pics)

They say being suicidal is bad,which it is but it isn't anybody's business what goes on in your life, and how you react to them. Some people have GOOD reasons they wanna commit suicide (take my other quiz I'll SOON be making "Do you have reasons to be suicidal?") and its not business either, I'm doing this for you. And if some PREP is reading this STOP CALLING US EMO AND CUTTERS YOU FUCKIN SLUTS! have a lovely day, an denjoy my quiz! =]

Created by suicidegothic on 05/14/2008

Take the Are YOU suicidal? happy? depressed? or lonely?!!! I(pics) quiz.

Pick colors that describe you, NOT YOUR FAVORITE, they have to describe how you feel most of the time.

What sentences describe how you feel? you can pick afew

Pick a music artists or types of music...ummm...yea

Which statement states how you feel about life?

Where do you want to live?

will you rate, or message?

last question...

Do you want to die...?

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