Does Neji Love You?#6: The Sakura Festival!!!

ok here is where we last left off: u find a dresser and open the top drawer. there is a black t-shirt and a pair of black pants in side. there is also a pair of black shorts and a red shirt too. U: ^^ cool! they even put clothes in here!!! u open the second drawer and find an aoi(

Created by ookamirox222 on 05/07/2008

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ok well u lye there in bed thinking about tomarrow...the Sakura Festival...and ur going with Hyuga Neji? wow. after about an hour of just lying there u finally fall asleep.

So! u finally wake up in the morning and figure that u should go to the hokage's office to get ur team assigned!!!(*yay...woot woot...*)so with that u hop in tha shower! o yea the bathroom is kinda right next to ur room so ya dont hav ta go far!!! yay! wel

When you finally arive at the hokage's office anbu 2 knocks on the door. Third: Enter! u 4 walk in. Anbu 3: Sandaime, Keiko! Third: thank u...u may leave. the three anbu leave and u sit in front of the hokage. Third: Since u have become a ninja i think it'

the boy to ur left has black hair and u'll c them in the result so im too lazy to write the descriptions ANYWAY! Third: these r ur knew team mates. missions start in two days so get training right after the festival! u 3: Hai! with that u 3 leave. U: what

U: hee hee are u blushing!? Akira: OMG yea u r! Kenji: >///< no im not!!! U: *Ookamime...mind reader...* Kenji: *this is way cool, i have a cute girl on my team!!! but i wish Akira would stop making fun of me!* U: -giggle- Kenji and Akira: what? U: 0.0 o!

u finally arraived at the hyuuga complex. U: well bye! hey, r u going to the sakura festival? Kenji: huh? o yea. U: ok! then see ya there! Kenji: bye!

ok so u went in the Hyuuga complex and saw neji really close to the door way in. he was staring out the kenji... U: N-Neji? Neji: uh! yes? u just stare at him and then look at Kenji. u look back at Neji U: He is on my team... Neji: o-ok... U:

~UR NEJI~ u walk out of the door way and stood right in front of Kenji. Kenji: what. U: hmph...i dont want u pulling her down. and i dont want u getting any ideas about her... Kenji: ha ha ideas about what!? U: u know exactly what i mean u were about to hi

u get there and its starting to get a bit dark. u look around at all the booths. u see one where u fire a bow and arrow and if u hit the center, u get a prize. U: *Ookamime* u look at the booth to c if it is rigged at all. not to ur suprise, u see a magnet

U see sasuke and sakura and naruto and hinata over on one side of the hill. sasuke looks over at u. neji sees this and he puts his hand on ur shoulder and leads u to a tree.u both jump onto one of the higher branches. u and neji both look up at the sky whi

u break and blush and he kisses u on the cheek. very lightly but enough to make u blush. u leans closer to u. u kind of back away at first. Neji: i have to tell u something.... U: huh? what? Neji leans even closer. u know 2 people are watching but u really

so u leave and on the way out, u run across Sasuke. Neji: *o great* Sasuke: Keiko, i've noticed that u ahavent been around for a while. whats up? U: >///( o, well nothing really. *SHOOT!!!! i just remembered! i was suppose to leave Konoha after the Sakura

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