How Well Do You Know 1 Nephi?

Have you read 1 Nephi and want to test how much you know? This is a good place to start.

Created by girlgirl1287 on 05/07/2008

Take the How Well Do You Know 1 Nephi? quiz.

Who received the vision showing the destruction of Jerusalem?

When did this person receive his revelation?

Name Lehi's sons in order of age.

What was the name of Lehi's wife?

Lehi's family often offered burnt sacrifices and offerings.

Who was the king when Nephi's family left Jerusalem?

The second time the brothers return to Jerusalem, what are they going back to get?

The Liahona is refered to as a _______.

Nephi saw Christopher Columbus in a vision.

Who commands Laman and Lemuel to stop hurting Nephi and Sam after Laban threatens to kill them?

The Brass Plates reveal the Lehi is a descendant of which of the sons of Jacob?

Ishmael dies once the families reach the promised land.

Who partakes of the fruit of the Tree of Life?

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