Who Is Your Partner In Akatsuki?

I wanted to make an Akatsuki quiz, so I did and here's what it turned out like. 8) Spoilers for Anime-only people. Okay, enjoy and stuff. And like always, rate if you want to.

Created by MoonlightIllusion on 05/14/2008

Take the Who Is Your Partner In Akatsuki? quiz.

Okay, let's start this thing. Sooo, what's your fighting style and what're the weaknesses of it?

Describe your partner's personality with one word.

What village is your partner from?

Now describe your own personality with one word.

So why'd you join Akatsuki in the first place?

Okay, I think it's time for some scenario/rp thingies. So, you've just been accepted into Akatsuki! Congrats to you. So, anyway, you'll now meet your future partner. What's he like?

So you and your partner are asked to come to the Leader's place. Apparently, your partner was supposed to go on a mission he would have wanted to go, but now, the Leader has changed his mind. He's about to change your partner's dream mission into one they

Well, whatever your partner tried to do, the Leader won (Leaders always win. That's why they're the leaders) and you two were sent to go anyway. So, now your partner is really pissed, which isn't a good thing. (No, I don't care how nice you might think you

You and your partner arrive at the place you have to do your mission in. The place is one single hotel basically in the middle of nowhere. You mission's to go kill this one supposedly regular person there. Anyway, your partner tells his plans on how to ca

On your way to the hotelroom of the target, eight ninja jump outta nowhere and surround you! Or to be more precise, three surround you and five him. How does your partner deal with his enemies?

So, how about you? I assume you'd use the tactics you chose in question one, so I won't ask about that. Instead, I'll ask will you kill the three?

'Kay. The enemy ninja are now killed (or defeated if you didn't want to kill the ones you beat. Your partner killed his, though) and you and your partner finally reach the target. However, as you get closer, he turns into a monster! It seems your traget wa

Well, you got yourself in trouble now. Seems like the Jinchuuriki is very, very skilled in Genjutsu (just "Dispel" doesn't get you outta it), and he managed to trap your partner in one. Now, your partner is attacking you, thinking YOU are the enemy. Sucks,

Long story short: You beat the Jinchuuriki (and so, instead of killing the target, you took him with you) and left the now destroyed hotel to go back to your hideout when a guy blocks your way. He says he hates your partner for something he has done in the

Okay, we'll continue with scenarios. This time ones that aren't related to each other. You and your partner have just succeeded in a mission (yay) and faster than expected, too! So, you can take a short break and stuff now. What're you gonna be doing?

You and your partner just heard that a member of Akatsuki was killed. Upon hearing this, who do you two think the killed one was?

You and your partner have a mission to go and capture a Jinchuuriki in the Hidden Village of Rain. How do you go about doing it?

Last scenario. You and your partner - Uh, I've started almost every scenario with this sentence... I won't do so now. SO: Your partner just betrayed Akatsuki, and whetre you wanted to or not, you ended up going after him. When you finally catch up to him

Has your partner had any other partners in Akatsuki before you. If so, who?

Okay, now all you have left to do is to choose an animal you think would fit your partner and we're all done.

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