what would you look like in Naruto (girls only plz)

this is my first quiz k....Im new at this so itll probilly suck... oh yea and..I suck at spelling ;p

Created by RinHina on 05/14/2008

Take the what would you look like in Naruto (girls only plz) quiz.

1. who's your fav character out of personality (not looks)?

2. who's the hottest?

3. RP time!!! WOOT!!! ok, you see Choji walking towords you crying, you:

4. wat do you think of jellybeans?

5. O-M-G!!!!

6. I almost forgot!!

7. what your fave color?

8. now thats outta the way, more RP!!!

9. ok, Naruto sits next to you an you scoot away, he moves closer an closer you ask what he wants an he replys "I want you" an he kisses you full out, wat do you do?

me; ok next question... OMG!!! Buggy-Chan is dat chu?!! Bug; oh god no... me; Buggy-Chan it ish chu *huggles Bug* I wuve chu Bug; eewwwwwyyy get away!!! me; never i wuve chu Bug; well I dont love you me; you do so! Bug; nuh-uh me; chur in denile!!!

I know my quiz sucked out loud...will you rate plz?

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