What kind of Weapon would you use? (pictures!)

This is only my second quiz and im running out of ideas!! *twitch* well, heres one, so enjoy!!

Created by HoradricLucifer on 05/07/2008

Take the What kind of Weapon would you use? (pictures!) quiz.

Welcome to the test of your weapon usage. In here, I shall test your social life style, your thoughts, your stabilities and your FAVORITE COLOR!!! have fun *hehehe*

Ok, first question. in following situations, what would you do? you see your friend being bullied by a big guy. your reaction?

You come home one day and you find yourself alone. Nobody's home except a note saying that your family will be home late. Your thoughts?

You are told in school that you are in trouble for something you did not do. your actions?

Now that I know of your Reactions, I will test you on some basic questions.

How many friends do you have?

If you were to kill, why would you kill that specific person?

How do you kill the person?

What kind of game is your favorite?

Which game of below seems most appealing to you?

We are almost done; Why did you take this quiz?


Thank you for Taking your time, Doing this quiz. I hope you get the result you get. Vote is always appreciated

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