yoko kurama date quiz

Created by Bladedonyxwolf on 05/07/2008

Take the yoko kurama date quiz quiz.

do u like foxes

whats ur fav color

whats ur opinion on theiviry

yoko wants to know ur measurements

ok now that yokos disturbing question *wacks yoko upside the head* ur not asking anymore perverted qeustions on my quiz yoko:ok how bout this one *whispers in bladedonyxwolfs ear* OK. if u and yoko were in a fight and he walked off mad and u saw a guy who

ok are u a virgin

now are u fond of long relationships

sex before marriage?

ok situation time: ur asleep and yoko comes through ur window and sits next to u on ur bed hes covered with cuts and gashes u wake up and see how recked he is "what happened" "i got attacked" "by what" "some demons there was alot of them but i killed them"

would u have a baby with yoko (already married or mated to him already)

whats ur fav smell

do u mind if ur he leaves u to go out stealing for a day or so

do u mind that he might not want to meet ur parents

last 1: do u mind if ur children have fox feet, tails and ears

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