Who is your Akatsuki boyfriend? (pics and short story.)

Hi, I wanted to do something random with the Akatsuki so i made this. please message and rate.

Created by kuramaswolfgirl on 05/14/2008

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Me: Today Deidara and Sasori are here to help ask questions beacuse Itachi was being an idoit as usual. Deidara: Sasori ask the question! Sasori: Why do I have to? Me and Deidara: We don't want to die. Sasori: Fine, what's your favorite color? (You throw k

Me: Ask another question! Deidara: Hurry up, Sasori! Sasori: I hate both of you. Me: Fine then go home! (Sasori leaves.) Me:I didn't think he would really leave. Deiara:Who needs him. Me: Yeah, you're right! Deidara:Do you think we're weird?

Me: Okay now what. Deidara: Ask a another question. Me:Okay, how do you kill Itachi? Deidara: Good question.

Me:Okay another question!!!!!!! Deidara:Yay!!!!! Me: Wait who will ask the question? (Deidara walks out and the comes back in with Itachi.) Deidara:Itachi? Me:Okay, Itachi rp! Itachi:You can't make me. Deidara: Wanna bet? Me:We have pics. of you singing i

Me: Who want's to ask the next question?! Deidara:Me!!!!!!! Itachi:not me. Me: okay Deidara, go ahead. Deidara: Okay um, What song can you relate the most to. Me:Good one. Deidara: Thanks.

Me:Okay will you rate and message me? Deidara:Please. Itachi:Rate or message to save me from the blowing up obsessed people.

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