Which Band Member from The Gazette Are You? [Accurate and Detailed Results!]

This includes all the members but Yune (the ex-drummer who left The Gazette in 2003). Sorry Yune. I just couldn't dig up enough information on you... Gosh, that sounds creepy... O.o Well, either way, enjoy my quiz! -^___^-

Created by Weasel-chan on 05/15/2008

Take the Which Band Member from The Gazette Are You? [Accurate and Detailed Results!] quiz.

Okay, lets start this off with a scenario question! At some event that you and your friends are hosting (a party, a concert, a celebration of some sort, etc), two people start getting into a fight. What do you do?

After the fight, things keep going without a hitch. And to your luck, a beautiful/handsome member of the opposite sex (or the same sex, depending on your preferance) comes meandering over to you. How do you react?

Okay, somehow, you eventually get a date with this person. Yes, you're single, stop asking questions. What do they love about you as their boyfriend/girlfriend?

What do your friends love about you?

What are some of your negative traits? Well, in someone's eyes.

Here they come. Your answers! Go back real quick and check to make sure you didn't LIE.

Okay! Here you go! You're results! But I'm not letting you get away without saying the magic words. -^___^-

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