The BEST Harry Potter LIFE QUIZ! (yes, yes, pics and what the characters think of you also)

Whoot! Aren't you excited!?! Um, if you've already taken my other HP quizzes, there are different pics in this so yay! Loads of results (three are from Marauders time)...majorly bored over here. Um, no 'hated' questions and once again, based on my thoughts about always. So if you don't get who you want, don't be upset, just click 'see all possible results.' Okay? OKAY! Also, after you get the results and you me to add something to it, message me and I will! And check out my Harry Potter s

Created by Psyche23 on 05/15/2008

Take the The BEST Harry Potter LIFE QUIZ! (yes, yes, pics and what the characters think of you also) quiz.

Hi. Read Memo...please. ^_^ ****George is the ONLY one not finished FYI**** So, what are you known for?

Cool, cool. You're eleven years old, about to go to Hogwarts, when an older person you met at Diagon Alley looks you over and then says, "You're defiantly going to be sorted into Gyffindor." Your response?

Wait....why were you in Diagon Alley in the first place?

Well, hope you had fun. Would you try out for the Quidditch team once you got into Hogwarts?

If someone dared you to stand up in the Great Hall and belt out the song, A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love (or something equally disgusting), would you do it?

What's your favorite class? (Excluding teachers, so if you like Potions, but hate Snape, pick Potions. Also, this is important for the results so pick carefully)

And last but certainly not least, who's your main man?

Okayyy, that's it! Hope you enjoyed immensely and check out my HP story (purtty please)! And once again, you do NOT have to message/rate! YAY!

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