What Color Suits You? (Long, but Worth the Very Detailed Discription)

Dedicated to Keca for all her help! Plus she's just ninja like that! ^_^

Created by TommGirl on 05/15/2008

Take the What Color Suits You? (Long, but Worth the Very Detailed Discription) quiz.

1.) What is your favorite fruit? (Don't judge by the color)

2.) Okay, so you're a new kid in school. What do you do to try to make new friends?

3.) Okay, so first day of school, which outfit would you be inclinded to pick?

4.) What title in the school yearbook would you rather have? Not one that you might get, but one you would prize the most.

5.) Okay, so you have to get in front of the class to give a speech for a project. Only, you didn't remember you had to go today, what do you do?

6.) Which of the following extracurricular activities would you be interested in?

7.) Your best class?

8.) So, Christmas break comes along, what're you looking forward to the most?

9.) So, enough school stuff, it's movie night, and your turn to pick, what do you choose?

10.) What qualities of your friends do you treasure?

11.) Where's your favorite/usual place to go for a bite to eat?

12.) What do you seek in life?

13.) Humankind would be no where withough, what?

14.) What is a negative trait you aquired?

15.) If you had the ability to actually <i>become</i> an animal for a day, which would you choose?

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