Sorry if I get some of the lingo wrong >< But Im a die hard fan so I'll try my best not to ^^

Created by Blackpassion777 on 05/07/2008

Take the Bleach Quiz ICHIGO SEXY PICTURES!!!!!!! quiz.

An Arrancar is...

A Vaizard is, or is named because. . .

Ichigo's swords' name is. . .

Who is Kuchiki Byakuya's vice captain?

Who did Sousuke ever consider to be his true subordinate? (And so now it gets harder)

(current manga reading required, sry) How many Arrancar does Aizen Sousuke control and how are they grouped?

What does Ichigo's bankai look like?

How does Ichigo get Zangetsu into Shikai form?

What illness does Ukitake most likely have? (hes hot <3 )

What's Isshin (can't spell it ><) secret from his family?

When Abarai Renji comes to the human world for the second time (along with several other vice captains and dudes we've seen before) where does he attempt to stay for the night?

how does Soi Fong know Yourichi?

What is the name of Ichigo's swords' attack (Hopefully this matches the traslations you've heard ^^)

Does Rukia have a Shikai?

Just cause it's cool >< What is the power of Kira Izuru's Zanpakutou?

What is the number of the first (significant) arrancar that Ichigo fights?

Will you rate? T_T for the love of fruit please!!

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