Are You Responsible?


Created by writedee4 on 05/13/2008

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Mrs. Miller gives you a note to give to your mom onTuesday morning. When does it finally land in your mother's hand?

Your boyfriend Spencer invites you to a movie. Your mom gives you $20 for your ticket and some snacks. How much do you spend and do you give it back to your mom, or keep it?

Your bff Ashley invites you to her huge boy-girl pool party, but your mom won't let you wear a bikini. You argue for hours but she won't budge. What do you do?

You see bully Meagyan threatening a little seventh grader. She glares at you and tells you not to say anything or she'll beat you up. What do you do?

You head to the mall on Saturday night with your pals. You all go into Abercrombie. You really love that pink tee, but it costs $40 and you only have $44 left. Your parents will be mad if you buy the shirt. What do you do?

Your cousin Jen told you the guy she liked, Kevin. She tells you she trusts you, and not to say anything. You promise not to, but really want to ask out Kevin for your cousin. What do you do?

You really want to go on a date with your crush Bryan,but your parents won't let you. It's an innocent walk in the park. What do you do?!

Your parents ground you for getting a D on a book report. How do you deal?

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