Would you survive

Sorry if the title is messed up but quizzilla can b real stupid sometimes. It's supossed 2 say "would you survive Land of the Dead?" This is a quiz 2 c if u would survive whear u in the movie "Land of the Dead". Most of it will b RP. I know it's stupid u don't have 2 tell me so just don't take it if u hate it that much. u can send me hate mail i don't care but don't take it if u hate it that much

Created by cryzgrlluvzchoclate on 05/15/2008

Take the Would you survive quiz.

1) Who would you stick with most of the time?

2) Your alone walking down a dark street and you see someone out of the corner of your eye. What do you do?

3) The person was just Charlie. (if you shot at him then you missed and he quickly recoverd from the shock) He asks if you've seen Riley around. What do you say?

4) No matter what you say you decide to help Charlie find Riley for whatever reason. You find him quickly enough talking to Mullegan. Do you support Mullegan?

5) Mouse asks you to go on patrol with him. You have a skateboard too and he likes you so he thinks it'll be kinda fun. What do you say?

6) Well you're patroling along some dark allies outside the city with Mouse on your skateboard and you see a large group of zombies approaching. What do you do or say?

7) You and Mouse get back into the city. Do you tell anyone about the approaching zombies?

8) If Charlie told you to do something would you trust him?

9) Riley takes you and Charlie to the club to ask Chewawa about his missing car. You see that there is a girl in the zombie cage, what would you do about it?

10) You're going to stop Cholo from shelling the green and you see that manolletti has been bitten. What would you do?

11) What kind of things would you load into the supply truck?

12) When would you go out to raid towns for supplies?

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