Avatar: The Last Airbender. What element do you bend?

I'm sorry if the quiz is too obvious as to what the result will be. It is my first time making a quiz. Enjoy!

Created by IceSpike55 on 05/15/2008

Take the Avatar: The Last Airbender. What element do you bend? quiz.

Let's start with which season you were born in? (More benders are born in their associated seasons.)

Next, which season is your favorite/associate yourself with?

Which color(s) can you be seen wearing most out of these colors? (Please only choose 1 or 2 colors.)

Which of the below do you admire most?

Ok, how about some role playing. You come across the enemy and you begin fighting. What is the first thing you do?

Now that you finished your pre-fight ritual, what is your stategy for winning.

An audience has appeared and observes the fight closely. What are they most likely to say about your fighting style?

You lost! What excuse do you have for it?

Time for some weapon shoppping. Which are you most likely to buy? (Choose 2 please.)

A little girl comes up to you and asks you to help her the man who stole her toy. How do you feel about this?

Back to non-role playing world, what do you feel about change?

What of the below is the most important to you?

How obivous do you think was this quiz in your opinion? Obivous referring to how easy it was to guess which answers corresponded with which result.

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