What does Akatsuki think of you? (includes bf)

This is A quiz on what Akatsuki people think of you. It includes your boyfriend. But guys can take it too w/o being gay.

Created by Dtrumpet on 05/15/2008

Take the What does Akatsuki think of you? (includes bf) quiz.

Kay, Who is your absolute favorite Akatsuki member?

Throw something at me and youll regret being born. Its just a stinkin question Whats your favorite color?

Uh... anyone got any questions? Deidara: Uh- whats your favorite patern? Me: o.O... okay? Lets go with that!

Anyone else got a question? Kiba: I do! Deidara: Its probably stupid. Kiba: Your one to talk! Me: uh- Kibas got a point, that WAS a dumb question. Deidara: . . . un. Kiba: Kay, whats your favorite animal?

Kiba: o.O . . . No one said dog. Me: Well no one said raccoon. Gaara: Ill kill all the raccoons one day. Everyone: O.o . . . Me: uh- You wanna ask a question to the nice people? Gaara: okay, how would you kill someone? Me: Gaara? Gaara: Huh? Me: I thought

Your turn Shikamaru. Shikamaru: Do I have a choice? Me: Nnnnnope! Shikamaru: Fine, what do you do in your spare time?

My Turn! Describe the inner you!!!

Kay, uh . . . if one of your friends is crying what do you do?

If I say goodbye you say . . .?

Your idea of romance is?

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