Who's your Naruto Bf

Me: Great to see that you actually came to take this**:D** Me: I will be joined by Deidara today you interog---i mean to find out who your Naruto bf would be haha Deidara: Un! Un! Uuuunnnnn!!!! Me: Yes Un...now Deidara do you want to ask the first question? Deidara: Not really, yeah. Me: So you do want to ask the first question. Deidara: No, Yeah! Me: Yeah? Deidara: No, un! Me: Fine then be that way...

Created by Love.Riona on 05/15/2008

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Me:Soooooo What'sYourFavColor??**runs and hides behind Deidara as you start to throw stuff** Deidara: Hey~~**gets hit with all the stuff** Me: I thought you were a ninja you should have dodged all of that?? Deidara: Shuddut un!! Me: **huggles Deidara**

Me: Ok now that that's over next question!! Deidara: Oh i know of a question un! Me: I thought you didn't want to ask a question? Deidara: No i just didn't want to ask the first question yeah...sooooooo what do you think of art un?? Me: Ohhhhh good que

Me: Ok now i know this was a short quiz, but i don't give a sh** Deidara: language language un!! Me: Oh of course **covers mouth** Deidara: I have another question real quick...Who do you think is better Me or Me un? Me: Deidara that makes no sense yo

Me: Ok i'm done i'm bored with this quiz! Time to go and type up more of my awesome story...yes you should go read it...it's the +::Future+Memories::+ (A Deidara Love Story) Deidara: Yeah it's really good and she needs feedback as to whether or not con

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