What would the Yu-gi-oh! characters think of you? along with bf and bff (for girls, obviously)

im so sad, every time i find what looks to be a cool ygo quiz, that users account is no longer online! has everyone who likes ygo left?!?!? so...sad... well, maybe you like ygo! i hope you do, if you do, you rock, if not, well, thanks for taking my quiz anyway! oh, and i'm using ppls japanese names, so maybe i should list them somewhere...well depending on who you get, some of them are given both english and japanese, but you can probably figure it out..i know! i'll put them in a separate result, so if you

Created by Blackhope on 05/15/2008

Take the What would the Yu-gi-oh! characters think of you? along with bf and bff (for girls, obviously) quiz.

did you read the memo?

pick a color!

uh ummm.. choose an animal!

how great of a duelist are you?

what is your fave card? btw, this isn't the guys fave card, its yours, so you can't figure out which card goes to which guy! haha, i rock!

RP!!! so, lets see, you were walking through the halls of domino high school, when you got a spitball in the face! you look around and see jonouchi holding a straw and laughing. what 'cha gonna do?

RP!!! so, you are in an extremely difficult duel, got it? now, your opponent is really dangerous, and it doesn't look like you even have a slim hope of victory. got a plan?

so that's it! what did you think? (rate and message please!even though i can't message you back..sadly)

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