Harry Potter 7 Minutes in Heaven - LONG results

Yeah, ok, I've made one like this before, only it was Fruits Basket. Most of these kinds of quizzes are of Naruto. I...honestly don't know Naruto that well, seeing as I only started reading the manga. Anyway, this is getting off topic. Ok, so the results take a REALLY long time to make, so I appreciate feedback and rates, but I'm not pushing, just suggesting. Credits go to whoever came up with this idea for quizzes. PS: There's no Cedric because I had no time to make his...and there's no Dean, because I do

Created by wateranddarkness666 on 05/15/2008

Take the Harry Potter 7 Minutes in Heaven - LONG results quiz.

Ok, you're walking down a corridor when the Weasley twins grab you from behind. "Hey _____, wanna come play a game with us?" Fred asks. "There's going to be a lot of people," George adds. You shrug. You've got nothing better to do, so you let them lead yo

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