What is your warrior cats name and clan? ~Girls only~

This is my first quiz! Make sure you have some knowledge of the warrior cats if you take it.

Created by Skystorm123 on 07/27/2009

Take the What is your warrior cats name and clan? ~Girls only~ quiz.

What would your fur color be?

What is your favorite season? (Yes, I'm aware that there are multiple options of one season, but there are different reasons)

What color eyes would you have? (Check all that apply)

RP time! You're hunting along a border when you see a kit struggling in a fox trap. What do you do?

What prey do you usually try to get from the fresh-kill pile?

What would you discribe yourself as? (Pick up to three)

RP time! You know that a certain cat in the clan has had a crush on you since you two were apprentices together, but you already liked someone else. One day he walks up to you and says: "Hi, _______. D-do you want to go hunting with me?" What do you say?

In a battle, what strategy do you use?

More RP! YAY! So your mouse-brained rival has been spreading a rumor that you have been sneaking out to drink twoleg milk. Soon that rumor gets around to you. What do you do?

What is your rank in your clan?

Do you tend to help others a lot?

RP! HOORAY! ^_^ You're hunting with your best friend, when a GIANT badger suddenly jumps out of nowhere and grabs your friend. What do you do?

RP!! So you have a dream at night, and StarClan comes to you. You are expecting to have them tell you a prophecy, but instead they tell you to kill your best friend. What do you do?

What are your strong points? Example: Hunting, fighting, etc.

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