What Do They Think of You? [Naruto Style]

Created by Kyo4SheiLuv on 05/06/2008

Take the What Do They Think of You? [Naruto Style] quiz.

<B>Let's start off with this, if you had to have a crush on anyone in Naruto, who would it be?</B>

<b>RP TIME! WOOT!- You're holding two kunais in your hands, panting hard. Two ninjas you can't defeat. Sakura's outcold, the ninja to your left has Naruto's neck against the knife, and to your right Sasuke's being held. Someone's going to die, and you get

<B>Naruto finally gets up his courage meet you and ask you to go on a walk with him. Being utterly bored with yourself, you decide to go. As you guys trot along, Naruto asks you why all the girls are obsessed with Sasuke. You reply with...</B>

<B>And again- You were walking into the forest just for a little trot to pass time, you notice Sasuke in a tree, sitting on a branch, staring ahead. What do you do?</b>

<b>If you could own one of these animals, which would they be? [Three, chillun.]</B>

<B>Your dream guy is... [Two, chillun.]</b>

<B>Any hobbies?</B>

<B>Last question-- Weapon of choice?</b>

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