What military branch would you be in?

Ever wondered which branch of the U.S. Military you would join if you had to? This quiz is for you!!

Created by FutureMarine2012 on 05/15/2008

Take the What military branch would you be in? quiz.

What is your element?

Are you more comfortable being heavily protected, but a bit unflexible, or lightly armored but very maneuverable and quick?

What would your role in a war zone be?

Role playing---You've been ordered to report for a standard deployment. What are your feelings?

A battle breaks out. Some of your comrades are killed in the first strike. Enemy everywhere. You are equipped with an assault rifle, a couple grenades, a one-use rocket launcher, and a radio to call in one airstrike. What do you do?

You and a few squad mates are captured and put in a makeshift POW camp. You will be executed if found trying to escape. What will you do?

Role playing over---What is your favorite weapon?

What is your favorite color? (It tells a lot about personality, ok!)

What branch are you trying for?

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