Are you an Earthbender, Waterbender, Airbender or Firebender? (Avatar)

Okay, this little quiz will determine what element you can bend according to your attitude. Most of the questions are RP. Enjoy.

Created by TishuPuppy on 05/15/2008

Take the Are you an Earthbender, Waterbender, Airbender or Firebender? (Avatar) quiz.

Did you read the memo?

Okay! Now, let's start. First RP! You were on a plain on your way home from a vacation abroad, when the plane crashes and you find yourself on a deserted Island. You are standing on the Island's shore now, what would you do?

Moving on. Forget the island. You are at home. You have been sick for a few days and then you friend calls you and tells you there is a History text tomorrow. It's 9 p.m. what would you do?

Next. Okay, you walk down the street, when you see Mrs. Smith, you old next door neighbor, trying to get her cat off a tree. Since she was always nice to you, you want to help her. What would you do?

What's your spiritual beliefs?

What's your type of food?

What's your zodiac sign?

What is your favorite season?

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