Death Note RP


Created by raykonsgurl on 05/15/2008

Take the Death Note RP quiz.

Lets say your walking in school and bump into someone on the way home. You both fall to the ground and notice the one you bumped into is Light. What do you do/say?

You find a black notebook on the ground. You pick it up and all of a sudden you see a tall black monster type thing staring at you. It says, are you gonna use that it says and points at the notebook. What do you say do/say?

Your walking down the street and decide to walk into the dessert shop and see a black haired boy staring at all the different cakes. What do you say/do?

You were thinking about what it would be like to catch Kira when the same black haired boy from the dessert shop comes up and tells you his name is L. He wants to know if you want to join the Kira case. What do you say.

Your walking through the park and see a white haired kid playing with legos. He comes up and asks you if you want to help him build a castle. What do you do/say?

He later tells you that his name is Near. You were outside in the garden when you feel your shoulder get wet. You look to see Near with a water gun in his hand and he is twirling his hair. What do you do/say.

So you start to walk through an alley and see a guy with blondish hair biting a piece of chocolate off and is staring at you. What do you do/say.

He then pins you up against the brick wall and smirks. He says My name is Mello. Before you get a time to respond, he crashes his lips onto yours and sticks his tongue into your mouth. What do you do?

Mello puts you onto a motor cycle and he bring you to this house you both walk inside and see a guy playing what appeared to be Halo 3. What do you do/say?

He tells you his name is Matt and he asks you if you want to plat with him. What do you do?

Ok thats it! So how was it? In the results you get a little description and what the characters think. RATE AND MESSAGE!! PEACE!!

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