What Naruto character has a crush on you?


Created by Wesker280 on 05/15/2008

Take the What Naruto character has a crush on you? quiz.

me:hi, Wesker280 here! (btw, I love Albert Wesker). Sasuke:Hey! I thought you loved me! me:I do! I love you both! Sasuke&Wesker:PICK ONE! me:*cowers* I'll think about it! You guys run the quiz! No fighting! Sasuke:I'll ask the first question. Wesker:Whatev

Sasuke:Okay, your turn Wesker. *glares at him* Wesker:Fine. *glares back* me:Stop glaring and make a question! there's someone taking the quiz! Wesker:Ok, if your friend was a threat to you, would you kill him/her?

Sasuke:My turn again. Wesker:I have another question! Sasuke:Well wait! Wesker:But- me:SHUT UP I CAN'T THINK!!! Sasuke:Okay, who's your favorite male Naruto character?

WEsker: Okay, who's your favorite girl character? Sasuke:That was mine! Wesker:Too bad! me:SHUT UP!!!

me:Okay! I really can't think right now! I need some help! Sasuke:Pick me! Wesker:Pick me! me:Not YOU guys! The quiz taker! Who do you think I should pick?

me:I don't know what you said, but I've made my decision. Sasuke:You picked me right? Wesker:Psh, she picked me. Sasuke:No, me! Wesker:Me! *they start fighting* me:Okay! My answer is...Sasuke! Let's see how long it takes them to realize I answered. 30 minu

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