Akatsuki 7 Minutes in Heaven(Sexy pictures and detailed results!))

Since I am a major Naruto/Akatsuki fan and I keep up with the second season of Naruto, I have decided to pull together a quiz for all the Akatsuki fangirls! This has all of the Akatsuki in it, except Orochimaru, but Sasori is in it *insert Sasori fangirl scream here*. I know that he died, but it's my quiz so what I say goes. Enjoy!

Created by Maiden-of-Fire on 05/14/2008

Take the Akatsuki 7 Minutes in Heaven(Sexy pictures and detailed results!)) quiz.

This was it, your judgement day. Well, maybe not but it was going to be hell if you didn't call a number. Leader-sama(Pein, who also was forced to play) passes the hat to you, waiting for you to chose your destiny. Tobi kept poking you in his excitement, i

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