Naruto Spin the bottle (very descriptive)

ok this is a new thing for me, i got really descriptive in most of them, lol i know this is done a lot but this is my favorite kind of quiz. if i got personalities wrong, please let me know, also help me fix them. i don't know all of the people that well so Im winging it. P.S. iv been havening some trouble with the quiz maker, so if its screwed up. send me a note and ill fix the problem best i can. P.S.S oh wow... i had no idea that when i made this quiz it would have made it on the most popular list, let

Created by Chezabell on 05/15/2008

Take the Naruto Spin the bottle (very descriptive) quiz.

You walk into the room; you look around and see everyone is in the masks of different animals. There where birds, rabbits, cats dogs you name it, and they where all staring at you... and some how you got the feeling, that you where the only girl, and you w

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