Would you survive a werewolf apocalypse?

Ok well, i've seen plenty of zombie survival and vampire survival quizzes, but I havent seen a werewolf one. Not sure how this is going to turn out, so bear with me. Oh, and if you do find another werwolf one, please point me that way. Hope you enjoy the quiz.

Created by ThatPrettyVampire on 05/15/2008

Take the Would you survive a werewolf apocalypse? quiz.

First question. I'll start off with general werewolf knowledge questions. If a werewolf gets angry or emotional enough, they can change into their wolfish form. True or false?

How do you recognise a werewolf? (While its in human form)

Can a werewolf be two-legged or four-legged?

Okay, for this questions sake, lets just say you chose four-legged only. How would you recognise the werewolf in its wolf form?

Ok. So, how do you become a werewolf?

Ok, ways of killing/repelling a werewolf.

Ok, now its RolePlay time. You are in the forest, and you happen to notice a werewolf (in wolf form) nearby. How do you get away, undetected?

RP cont. While escaping, another werewolf has spotted you and has chased you. You have run, gasping for air into a small, abondened, wooden shack. Inside is a shovel. Even though you stand little chance of surviving with the measly weapon, you make your st

RP continued. You escape and make your way into own. Where do you go to get supplies?

OK, end RP. Last question. Werewolves can breed, while in both human and wolf form. True or false?

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